Copper Patch Panels

SNAP® Cu Shielded CAT 6 Patch Panel

Compact DIN-Rail or surface-mount Ethernet shielded CAT 6 patch panel. Keystone jacks support CAT 6, CAT 5 or CAT 5e cabling in shielded or un-shielded configurations. Compact size allows minimum space requirements within control cabinetry. Device includes large openings on top and bottom of the patch panel to accommodate a large volume of field Ethernet cabling. Device features a sliding face-plate with capture mechanism to allow patch panel to be kept open “hands-free”.

Copper Patch Panel Part Number SNAP-Cu-12
DINSpace DIN-Rail Mount CAT 6 Copper Patch Panel Part Number SNAP-Cu-12Part Number: SNAP-Cu-12DINSpa..
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